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A place where you can create your ninja.Leave your Home village and join a Criminal Organization such as an Akasuki.
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 Sparing and Sparing Rules

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PostSubject: Sparing and Sparing Rules   Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:41 pm

Battle with other members just for fun. It can be anybody if you wanted to.

From now on the following rules will take place
- No Godmodding! We will be on the look out for such behaviors
- You can only participate on a spar at a time. When its done, post saying that the spar ended.
- When a spar topic is created and the opponent is not specific
- You can only post in a spar if you were invited by any of the participants to be present! That participant has to post a out of character message saying that you were invited by her/him!

Rule breakers will be punished according to the following model:
First time- you get a verbal warning;
Second time- you get another verbal warning;
Third time- You will be banned for a week-long period;
Fourth time- You will be banned permanently.

Contact the Admin and Mod if you have any doubts.


That Will Be Your Fath. Too Late With The Lighing Blade Kakashi.

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Sparing and Sparing Rules
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